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Please note that the XY4+ is not the same as an XY Sentinel used with XYO Mining Kits.

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High quality and very accurate. Thanks!!!

-Max M.

Works great. Wife can't lose her keys anymore, thank god!

-Warren Knight

Very easy to set up. I like the color and size on my key ring. Already found my phone twice when I forgot where I left it !! Highly recommend this product !

-Kathryn B.

Easy to use finder gadget!


Great replacement for my "expiring" Tiles and with more features!


Now my husband will stop loosing his keys and his phone! Amazing product.

-Amazon Customer

I think this is a great idea, I wish I had this a year ago when I lost my phone at a party and had to pay a $150 deductible from Asurion!


One of the most practical and useful products I've had in a while. It helped me on several occasions to locate my keys. Highly recommended for its price and utility.

-Simon Cleveland

This is as good as it gets. Slip this on your key ring and you're ready to go.


A perfect gift for those who lose things!

-Dmitry Kristal

What people are saying about XY

2x the Range

Extending Bluetooth range to new heights.

The XY4+ has a range up to 300ft - double that of the XY3. With this great a range combined with our extra loud ringer, you can find your things in no time!

4X the Volume

Use the in-app map to find your things.

Our IOS, Android, and Web Apps allow you to ring your Finder with a loud buzzer to quickly identify where your lost or misplaced items are.

5X the Battery Life

Find quicker, last longer.

With our new XY4+, just one of our replaceable batteries can last you up to 5 years! That's better than all our main competitors combined!

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Compare XY4+, Tile Pro, and TrackR Pixel!

XY4+ has 4x Volume, 1.5-2x Range, and 5x Battery vs. Tile Pro and TrackR

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