Each Finder Individually Boxed

2X Range, 4X Volume, 5X Battery

Perfect for quickly finding misplaced items like your keys, backpack, purse, phone, or anything else.

Now you can feel secure in knowing where the things that matter the most to you are, and keep them safe.

Basic 1-Pack

1 Pack $39.99


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$39.99 each

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5 Pack $199


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$24 each

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10 Pack $399


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Each Finder Individually Boxed

What people are saying about XY

2x the Range

Extending Bluetooth range to new heights.

The XY4+ has a range up to 300ft - double that of the XY3. With this great a range combined with our extra loud ringer, you can find your things in no time!


4X the Volume

Use the in-app map to find your things.

Our IOS, Android, and Web Apps allow you to ring your Finder with a loud buzzer to quickly identify where your lost or misplaced items are.

5X the Battery Life

Find quicker, last longer.

With our new XY4+, just one of our replaceable batteries can last you up to 5 years!


100% Happiness Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love XY4+, we ofer a 100% money back guarantee for a full 30 days.

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Did you know?

XY Finder variety packs can be split up and gifted to multiple people!

It's true! Each XY4+ Finder in a pack comes in a small, individual box, perfect for a stocking stuffer. Each one can be used by a different person - or the same person. If you want to give the blue one and the green one to your brother, the purple one to your mom, and keep three for yourself, you can. It's up to you!

And the XY Find It app is compatible with both Android and iPhone. Almost everyone can use an XY Finder, and almost everyone has a use for one.