Can't See My Eye Glasses Anywhere

I’m forever losing my glasses. I’ll always put them down in a room and walk out or leave them in the store,in my car or even leave them at a friends’ house so when my husband bought me an XY3 I was interested in whether it would help me in any way.

We set it up on my phone and put the bluetooth tracker in my glass’ case, but I honestly wasn’t sure if it would work. I thought I might not be able to hear the beeping go off when I was trying to find them if the case was closed. I had read reviews that the beeping was pretty quiet. I was happily surprised though- almost straight away I needed to use it, and it worked for me! I set off the alarm from my phone and could hear it perfectly fine. I think the reviews for the lower volume was for the older version. The new ones are 5 times louder than the older ones! I was able to find my glasses in the other room in no time.

I’ve used it multiple times now and have been able to use the KeepNear alert as well. When I left my glasses behind at a coffee shop one morning, I got an alert on my phone before I got to my car that I had left them behind. It was great and so helpful! I didn’t have to drive back and waste a lot of time. I’m finally able to figure out whether I’ve put them in another room or see if I left them in the car again without even having to get up and start looking for them. One of the best things I’ve gotten in awhile and would definitely recommend to anyone!

Anne B

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