How It Works

Get the XY Find It App

Download the XY Find It onto your smart device. It only takes a few seconds to go through the process. Once downloaded, your XY Find It app will locate any XY3 trackers nearby using Bluetooth technology and you can claim them as your own.

Find Your Important Things

Call your items the same way you would call a phone. When your Finder is within Bluetooth range, the Finder will ring loudly until you Find It.

Ring Your Phone

If you can't find your phone, use the integrated button on any of your XY3 finders to ring your phone, even on Silent!

Last Known Location

When out of Bluetooth range, pop open the map to see the last location your items have been seen. If any users in the XYFindIt community sees your XY3 tracker on their smart device, the last location will anonymously be communicated to your account to help you get a more accurate last location.

KeepNearTM Notifications

Leave something behind? Get notifications on your smart device when your XY finder items get out of range of your phone/device with keep near notifications.

Join the Internet of Things

With IFTTT and Zapier Compatibility, the multi-function button on XY3 can integrate with your other smart devices, making XY fit perfectly into your IoT life.